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Welcome to the official site of the Homecoming Crashers TM

Our goal is to enjoy life and have fun in the festive atmosphere of a truly American institution - College Homecomings!!
(Thanks Mark G.)

2017 Schedule

October 14            University of Pittsburgh
October 21            University of Tampa
October 28            John Carroll University

Season 10! 

2017 marks our 10th and final year of crashing!  This season will be our last full season of crashing.  After this year we will take some time off but you never know when we may come out of retirement and throw a crash on the schedule so make sure you check the site from time to time. 

For this year we have a lean schedule but one that should be fun as always.  Check out the 2017 schedule and see if any of these dates work into your schedule and join us for a great time.

We start the season off with a "local" crash as we head back to the University of Pittsburgh for a one day crash.  Pitt was one of our first crashes so we thought it would be fitting to revisit a great crash.

Week two will take us to Tampa where we will visit the University of Tampa.  Anyone looking for some sun should join us.  We are hoping to see our crashing buddies Bob and Chris on this trip.

The final crash will take us to the Cleveland area where we will visit John Carroll University.  We have tried for years to fit this school into our schedule and hope to meet up with some friends that have been asking us to crash their school.

Hope to see you at a crash!



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